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Ways to get involved


If you are visiting Andover Christian Center for the first time, we would love to hear from you! Reach out with our Connect Card below:


Knowing Jesus is more than going to church. It’s knowing a Person! Are you ready to know Jesus in a personal way and accept Him as Savior? Pray this prayer of faith today:

Water Baptism

Being baptized is a public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. Anyone can be baptized after receiving God’s gift of salvation. Visit the page below for more information:


Membership is a great opportunity to come into unity and fellowship with those of like faith, to encourage spiritual growth for the individual believer, and to provide opportunities for believers to get involved in the helps ministry. Sign up for our upcoming membership classes here:


Serving in various areas of ministry provides an opportunity to honor God with your time and talents, while helping to fulfill the vision God has given us as a church. View available opportunities here: